The Terms of Service mentioned herein is a legal and enforceable agreement between Geekzmoo and you related to the use of the support services you intend to avail from us. If you avail our services it would invariably mean your agreement to the terms of service stated herein.

Scope of Services Offered by Geekzmoo

  • Geekzmoo’s  support services intend to provide solutions for all software, operating system and hardware-level issues with PCs, Mac® computers, printers, scanners, tablets, and smartphones.
  • To deliver our services, we may use various proprietary, purchased, patented or self-developed remote software support tools.
  • We may install a proprietary, purchased, patented or self-developed software tool that gives you access to additional technology services.
  • Use of any software license or equipment as part of our services is governed by separate end-user license agreement (EULA).

To Use the Support Services Offered by Geekzmoo

  • You need to register with us through our website
  • You must not engage in or participate in activities that are illegal or may cause harm to Geekzmoo or to any other customers.
  • You need to be over 18 years of age.

Your Responsibilities As a Customer of Geekzmoo

  • You agree to have the full access (including required licenses) of any software, operating system or hardware equipment you intend to get repaired or serviced from Geekzmoo.
  • You have the backup of operating system, software applications and other data stored in the equipment you intend to get repaired or serviced from Geekzmoo.
  • Note: Geekzmoo or its employees, contractors, associates or partners are not responsible for any loss, corruption or alteration of data or software stored in the device you intend to get diagnosed, serviced or repaired from the company.
  • You agree to provide full access of your PC or equipment to the technician of Geekzmoo.
  • You agree to assist him wherever he needs your help and carefully follow his instructions while he delivers the services to your PC or any other supported device.

Terms of Purchase and Billing

  • You can purchase the services of Geekzmoo if you opt for Online or Onsite Plan.
  • Online plans offer unlimited online support for a particular period. Onsite support constitutes one-time visit to the customer premises to resolve the issue at hand.
  • You only pay for the services once the problem at hand is resolved.
  • It’s the sole discretion of Geekzmoo’s technicians to decipher whether the problem at hand can be fixed remotely or through on-site visit.
  • The plan terminates automatically once the period it is opted for expires (for trial, secured and managed) or the issue is fixed following an on-site visit. You can renew the plan by placing an order one week before the expiry date.
  • Preferred mode of payment is credit card.
  • You agree to authorize Geekzmoo to charge your credit card for any service you’ve purchased or renewed from us. However, at the time of renewal, Geekzmoo will charge your credit card for such renewal at then published renewal rates.

Note: You agree to make the authorization before the problem at hand is fixed. However, Geekzmoo only charges your credit card for any service once the primary problem is resolved.

  • You also agree to provide complete and up-to date billing information to Geekzmoo at the time of purchase or renewal of the service you’ve availed from us.

Liabilities and Warranties

  • Geekzmoo’s total liability (to the extent permitted by law) to you, in-case you have incurred any damage or loss following the use of our services, is the cost of the plan.
  • Under no circumstance whatsoever will Geekzmoo or its subsidiaries, affiliates, subordinates, employees, or associates will be held responsible for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damages you have incurred following the use of our services.
  • Damages can be because of lost profits, loss of business, or any other loss you’ve incurred due to (but not limited to) loss of data or software corruption, deletion of files, temporary or permanent failure of facilities, software defects, virus attacks, etc.
  • Geekzmoo’s also will not be liable for any loss of damage you’ve incurred because of our inability to provide you services due to general maintenance or upgrades, facility breakdown, or due to any act of god like flood, fire, earthquake, etc. or due to terror attack or violence of any other kind.
  • Geekzmoo’s warrants that our employees, contractual technicians, or associates will use commercially reasonable effort to resolve the problem at hand. However, we do not warrant that following the use of our services will resolve the problem.
  • Geekzmoo also disclaims all warranties with regards to the software or equipment you’ve purchased and/or installed on your PC following the recommendation of our employees, contractual technicians, or associates.

Termination of Services

  • Geekzmoo reserves the right to terminate your service if you violate the terms of services stated herein.
  • At anytime during the plan tenure you can terminate your service by sending a mail stating your preference and reason for termination.
  • All refunds will be governed by the refund and cancellation policy of Geekzmoo.

General Terms

  • The Terms of Service constitute whole legal agreement between Geekzmoo and you, and supersede any previous agreements between the two parties.
  • Geekzmoo reserves the right to modify the TOS stated herein from time to time. If at any time you don’t agree to any portion of the terms you can opt of our services.
  • All disputes will be resolved in accordance with the State of New Jersey.
  • Geekzmoo assures you that while delivering services to you, no law will be violated.

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